1. Janco: /slideshows/top-staffing-challenges-for-cios.html

2. Gartner estimates that 60 % of CIOs feel skills shortages prevent organizations from keeping up with change. More projects are left incomplete, over budget, or simply never started due to the IT organization not being able to keep up with the business need for innovation and growth.

3. IPsoft study:

4. Rackspace survey:

5. "IDC states that in today's average IT team members spend up to 80 % of their time managing servers with items such as security updates, patches and more. That leaves only 20 % of the time available for focusing on the business. Is that really optimal? "

6. From copy doc: Top 10 staffing challenges for IT hiring managers: 36 % Retaining top talent, 31 % Lifting employee morale, 29 % Recruiting high skill applicants, 27 % Providing competitive compensation, 26 % Worker burnout, 25 % Maintaining productivity levels, 21 % Managing organizational changes, 20 % Providing competitive benefits, 17 % Providing upward mobility, 16 % Cutting down on cost-per-hire. Joint survey from CareerBuilder and

7. Janco:

8. IPsoft study:


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