What’s inside?

This webinar provides a detailed definition of hybrid IT and discusses how to use hybrid strategies to transform your IT infrastructure and application environment. Learn about the core building blocks of hybrid infrastructure as well as their impact on other aspects of your IT model. Additionally, find out how global companies Nissan and Nightingale are implementing their Hybrid IT solutions in order to accelerate their business.

Who will benefit?

Technical decision makers and executives interested in using infrastructure initiatives to better accomplish business goals.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What Hybrid IT is
  • What the core building blocks of a hybrid IT infrastructure are
  • How Global companies are achieving their goals by implementing a hybrid IT solution


  • Scott Brindamour, Director of Advanced Technology Solutions, Architect Team, CenturyLink
  • Ijaaz Ullah, Vice President IT & Privacy Officer, Nightingale
  • William Orange, Director, Information Systems – Nissan North America, Inc.
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Where digital business goes to network