Koch Trucking Uses SD-WAN to Manage All Sites from Headquarters

Koch Trucking, a successful family-owned business started in the 1950's, needed to upgrade their network to improve services at an affordable cost. They chose SD-WAN as an overlay to manage all sites from headquarters and prep for future territory expansion.

Koch Trucking Uses SD-WAN to Manage All Sites from Headquarters

Koch Trucking has many sites in over 30 states in everything from urban or suburban to rural settings. That makes for a complex hybrid network which needed an overlay to upgrade their capabilities. Their Senior Telecommunications and Network Analyst, Brandon Gammon, wanted to manage network performance and security from headquarters to every site at low cost.

"The network is absolutely key to the business," Gammon said. "We cannot afford downtime anywhere. So, redundancy in any device's ability to access the network is incredibly important. We wanted a little bit more control of the network and all the devices from headquarters."

They got it.

Gammon and company decided to upgrade the network with CenturyLink Managed Hybrid SD-WAN as an overlay. CenturyLink's service seamlessly created an integrated hybrid network incorporating the MPLS and broadband transport for greater efficiency and performance, while providing centralized security, control and visibility for all locations.

CenturyLink personnel not only implemented SD-WAN's capability of common security policies at every location, but also helped streamline Koch's routing of traffic through its headquarters firewall. "We always thought CenturyLink had the best network," Gammon said. "And their people definitely make a big difference. That kind of trust is especially important in a managed service."

Benefits and Results

  • One network platform to manage all sites and add new ones — no matter what connectivity options are available on site
  • Upgraded phone systems at little to no added cost
  • Share VoIP phone system across sites — replacing 20-year-old phones at smaller locations
  • Increased productivity at new sites
  • Ability to expand internationally with whatever connectivity options are available in new countries
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